About CPC Marchands

As financing specialists for over 4 years, our help is invaluable and will allow your business to access the best possible essential products and services. We will guide you in all your needs:

Who are we?

CPC Marchands has been working in the field of market services for small, medium-sized, and large companies.

The extent of our services:

After a free analysis of your status and of your company’s potential, we will establish a partnership with you based on trust, reliability, and efficiency.

Our clients

Whether you run a traveling business, a restaurant, an e-commerce website, a service station, a supermarket, or any other business, CPC Marchands offers you a unique solution to answer all your needs.

Creating a partnership

Through our expertise and partnerships with the biggest North American investors, we will guide you throughout your business life. We will guide you in your choices, negotiate the best market rates with investors for you, and offer you a complete and personalized follow-up. Your business’ development is our priority.

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Why choose CPC Marchands?

Premium customer service

Our experts come to you and offer a complete follow-up throughout the partnership.


Very competitive prices

We negotiate rates and conditions among the lowest in the market for you.


Expert advice

Our trainings and free advices support your business’ development.


Contact our certified brokers to make an appointment now, or let us get back to you by leaving your contact information.

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