CPC Marchands’ virtual terminals – efficiency, wherever you are

Our virtual terminal service allows vendors to process transactions no matter where they are in the world. This type of service is ideal for managing transactions by mail, internet, or telephone.

Our virtual terminal processes credit card, interactive card, gift card, or loyalty card transactions easily, quickly, and securely both for your business and your clients. Through the CPC Marchands solution, you will enjoy a reliable and profitable virtual payment system for your online business.

Accepts credit and debit cards;

Optimal security of customer payment information;

Processing of transactions during the day;

Intuitive and ergonomic interface, for the vendor and the customer;

Option to carry out several transactions at once;

Major tools for detecting fraud and securing data

Why choose CPC Marchands?

Premium customer service

Our experts come to you and offer a complete follow-up throughout the partnership.


Very competitive prices

We negotiate rates and conditions among the lowest in the market for you.


Expert advice

Our trainings and free advices support your business’ development.


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